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Healthy and active at age 27, Jasmine didn’t expect a simple physical to lead to heart surgery. Thankfully, she had an experienced cardiothoracic surgery team on her side.

What seemed like just a simple heart murmur ended up being much more serious. However, after valve surgery, Shirley is feeling better than ever.

Learn how Greg experienced life in rhythm after the hybrid maze procedure for his afib, and why he trusted Dr. Gan Dunnington and Dr. Peter Chang-Sing to help him get back on the ski slopes.

Connell Murray undergoes three major heart procedures without any scars to show for it.

It was not a typical Easter for Jane, who experienced a stroke at the beginning of dinner. Her right carotid artery was blocked. Jane says, "Since the surgery I've felt so much better, and now I do everything I did before."

Brian Hopkins was in A-Fib constantly since the age of 35. His heart was beating out of rhythm, he was tired and light headed almost all of the time. He was cardioverted six times without success. He finally realized this is not the way he wanted to live his life. He then discovered the Hybrid Maze procedure. After speaking to Dr. Dunnington, he felt confident and appreciated his can-do spirit. He felt better immediately after the procedure. According to Brian Hopkins, "This was a life-changing deal."

Roy Sabraw's angiogram showed a blockage and so he needed to go in for bypass surgery. His cardiologist, Dr. Parks, sent him to St. Helena for surgery and the staff and doctors helped him through it. He says, "The people there put you at ease almost immediately. I'd have to say personnel wise, they're the greatest I've seen. The care you receive after surgery is delivered not only on a professional basis but also on a one-to one basis where you feel more like an individual."

Rich Bradd had many active, outdoor, hobbies but was having pain in his legs which was limiting his activity. After seeing Dr. Sakopolous, he found out that his right carotid artery was almost plugged and his lower extremities had plaque that needed to be cleaned out. Rich says, "Before the procedure I could only walk 50 to 75 yards because had pain in my calf muscles. Now I have no pain at all. After the procedures with Dr. Sakopoulos, I'm enjoying life more because I don't have the discomfort." He is back to his outdoor hobbies and recently returned from a trip to Alaska.

Fifteen years ago Tom Ohlsson was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. After activities became more and more difficult, he realized he had a serious condition that was definitely impacting his life. After drug therapy, followed by ablation therapy that eventually reverted back to A-Fib, he discovered a new alternative, the Hybrid Maze procedure. After just two weeks following the procedure, he realized he got his life back. According to Tom Ohlsson, "if there is any less here to be learned, it's that you don't have to live with A-Fib the rest of your life."

After experiencing a severe case of Atrial Fibrillation following a game of tennis, Jeff Baily knew he had a serious condition. After being diagnosed, he was prescribed medications. Severe side effects and the fact that his problem persisted led him to do more research, which is when he discovered the Hybrid Maze procedure. Offered at few locations, he was introduced to Dr. Gan Dunnington, who made him feel confident that it was going to be the right decisions. Immediately following the procedure, he knew his heart was fixed and he could get back to doing what he loved doing. "If there is any advice I can give, its don't walk to get this procedure, run to go see Dr. Dunnington," says Jeff Baily.

After years of A-Fib, L. David Newgen thought that he didn't have any treatments that worked for him. He found Dr. Dunnington and Dr. Chang-Sing and after an hour of consultation, both he and his wife felt confident in the procedure. "Two weeks after...I was back in the gym working out...I can feel my strength coming back and just everything I could have hoped for."

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The Adventist Heart Institute values your privacy and handles your personal information with care. Your email address and information is secure, confidential and will not be sold to any third party sources.

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