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When it comes to matters of the heart, experience counts.  That’s why we’ve assembled an exceptional cardiac team is made up of specially trained surgeons, cardiologists nurses and staff who are ready to respond immediately and comprehensively to your cardiac care needs.  Hundreds of specialists, surrounded by medicine’s most modern technology make the Adventist Heart Institute the definitive choice for cardiac care.

Comprehensive Cardiac Care Centered Around You

At the Adventist Heart Institute, comprehensive care means many things... it means physicians, surgeons, nurses skilled in the most advanced technologies... from minimally invasive techniques to complex bypass procedures. It means having a network of physicians available close to your home. It means having someone to help you with diet, stress management and rehabilitation to restore and promote fitness. For us it means we have the ability to treat you like we treat every patient, one at a time. Learn more

Take Prevention to Heart

Research shows that you can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease – or slow its progress – by taking prevention to heart. Lifestyle changes and medications that reduce risk factors lower heart disease rates by as much as 25 to 30 percent. Learn more


Whats Your Risk? / Know Your Numbers

Your risk of getting heart disease depends on your genes, age, sex, race, lifestyle and other factors. While you can’t change some risk factors, you can adjust others. Find out the numbers form your tests and talk to your doctor about what they mean. Learn More